Get the 411 on Social Media Marketing with Bryna Corcoran, Director Global Brand Social Media at HubSpot, and Kate Rutkowski, Director Brand & Culture at Instacart. 

How different is social media marketing for B2C vs. B2B? What is the magic of a 6-month test window? Vibe shifting—what’s that? Leveraging Creators, Influencers, and affiliates—what’s the difference? What is the one channel you may be missing? We’ll cover these questions and more as we dive in with these 2 amazing women. If you are a Social Media marketer, you don’t want to miss it.

Join us Friday, April 19th from 9-9:45 am PT / 12-12:45 ET on Zoom.  We’ll have a fireside chat followed by breakout sessions for smaller group dialogue with Bryna & Kate.

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Speaker Information 

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Kate Rutkowski - Director Brand & Culture at Instacart

Kate is the Head of Brand & Culture at Instacart, leading their non-traditional brand work including brand partnerships, content integration, stunts/activations, and overseeing social media and influencer marketing. Kate has been with Instacart for 2 years, and in her time, she's led multiple content integrations, including a co-promotional campaign with Apple TV's Lessons In Chemistry, created a branded GIF library that now gets ~1.5M views per day, and recently sent TikTok creator @GirlBossTown to the Super Bowl. Before Instacart, Kate spent 6 years at Wieden & Kenney, working on Nike and KFC, where she worked on the Emmy-winning split-screen commercial "You Can't Stop Sport", landed KFC a moment on final Jeopardy, and launched a chicken sandwich into space. Kate is excited to live in a world where the best ideas can be inspired by and built for culture as it's unfolding in real-time on social media. 


Bryna Corcoran - Director Global Brand Social Media at HubSpot

Bryna Corcoran is a digital marketing innovator renowned for elevating brands to social media relevance. Her specialty is placing social media at the heart of day-to-day brand building, crafting content that ignites emotional connections and reshapes brand perception. Currently, she leads HubSpot's social media reinvention. Her vision? To weave a powerful blend of cultural relevance—often used in B2C industries—to drive engagement, with demonstrable value that resonates with B2B audiences. Her team’s goal is to propel HubSpot towards social media leadership within an often dry B2B social media landscape. Prior to HubSpot, Bryna spearheaded award-winning, in-house social media teams at innovative companies like Lyft and Stitch Fix, and disruptive tech players like Dolby and HP. Her agency experience further bolsters her expertise, having guided iconic brands like Nestle, Barbie/Mattel, and Hyundai to social media prominence.